Wednesday, December 1, 2021

2021 Fantasy Football Week 13 Rankings

We're getting super close to the fantasy playoffs, and here I am ranking guys like Alexander Mattison in my top-5 RBs and Jamaal Williams in the top-20 in that same game.  Whether you stashed guys like this or spent all of your waiver budget/priority on them yesterday, one or both players very well could be worth it even if just for the next couple of weeks.  

You probably went through this mental exercise weeks ago, but I'll reiterate that it's well past the time for thinking about where you drafted a guy back in August.  There was a guy in my longest running home league who drafted Cordarrelle Patterson in the late rounds, and we all gave him so much crap for it.  I think he even dropped him before the Week 1 games even started, and look where we are now.  Patterson is one of those league-winning type of players and was undrafted in most leagues.  

Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henry aren't walking through that door and winning any fantasy championships this year.  It's guys like Leonard Fournette and maybe even Taysom Hill.  Who knows?  We'll find out tomorrow night if Taysom could be a QB1 down the stretch...or not.

As always, if you have start/sit or other questions, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and let's talk about it.

Let's do the rankings!

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