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2018 Fantasy Football Week 16 Rankings

Image result for michael thomas saintsGoing into Monday Night Football, I needed about 6 fantasy points from Michael Thomas to advance to the championship in my money league.  He ended up with just 49 receiving yards and apparently 45 more yards that were called back due to penalties.  Yeah, thanks for pointing that out, Yahoo!  I was watching the game!!

That was frustrating to say the least, but that's how it goes in fantasy football.  Sometimes you win by 20 and sometimes you lose by less than a point.  You just have to put the best possible lineup out there and hope for the fantasy points to get you in the win column.  I'm still playing for third place in both of my leagues (one of which is for money), so I'm still trying to optimize that lineup. 

Let's take a look at the rankings and see if you can do the same!

Last week, I was really high on Derek Carr (+9) because he'd been a top-10 fantasy QB over the last month and was facing a Cincinnati defense giving up the second-most fantasy points to opposing QBs this season.  He hadn't thrown an interception since October 7th, and he didn't throw one against the Bengals.  He didn't have a great game, but there were actually a lot of mediocre QB performances in Week 15.  Carr finished in the top-20, and he was just 4 fantasy points from being inside the top-12.

I was way down on Lamar Jackson (-6) because I thought Flacco could get a little playing time against the Bucs.  That didn't happen, and Lamar finished as a top-12 fantasy QB.  I was also down on Philip Rivers (-7) because he hadn't been great at Arrowhead recently, and I just didn't trust Rivers as a top-5 play on Thursday night.  While he didn't finish in the top-5, he was pretty close and you would've been happy with starting Rivers in Week 15.

Image result for mitch trubisky sweaterThis week, I'm fairly high on Mitch Trubisky (+6) against the 49ers.  Trubisky struggle with turnovers at times, but his legs keep his floor super high.  I could see him having a couple of touchdowns and 50-70 rushing yards, which should get him into the top-10.  I'm kind of down on Dak Prescott (-4), but I could easily see him having a good game against Tampa's poor defense.  Still, I have other guys I trust ahead of him in my top-10 for championship week.

With Shady & Ivory ruled out last week, I was high on Marcus Murphy (+15) and Keith Ford (+27).  I thought they'd split carries against what has been a leaky Lions defense of late.  I was kind of right here, as Murphy got the early work and had 35 rushing yards before exiting with an injury in the second quarter.  Keith Ford came in and tallied 53 total yards and finished well into the top-40 (where I ranked him).  I was lowest on Theo Riddick (-17), who I barely ranked in my top-60 RBs.  The ECR had him in the top-40, and the ECR was right.  Riddick got his usual 5-6 fantasy points and finished in the top-40.

Image result for tevin colemanThis week, I'm really high on Tevin Coleman (+9).  I have him as a top-12 RB after that big performance last week, and now he won't be splitting carries with Ito Smith (who is on the IR).  With Cam Newton out, I expect the Panther offense to struggle.  This could mean the Falcons get out to a lead, and I expect Coleman to get a ton of touches.  Volume is king with RBs, and if he finds the endzone too, Tevin should end up in the top-12.  I'm down on Kalen Ballage (-10), who also had a big Week 15.  But I'm sorry if I don't trust him after one good week, especially since he faces a much better Jags defense in Week 16.  

Last week I wasn't too confident about anyone outside of my top-25 or so, but a couple of my good calls were Jordy Nelson (+12) and Calvin Ridley (-14).  Two of my bad calls were Randall Cobb (+23) and Kenny Golladay (-11).  I'm still really high on Cobb this week (+27), so maybe I didn't learn my lesson.  If he plays, I think he'll be heavily involved though.  If doesn't, I'll remove him from my rankings.  Simple as that.

Image result for dj moore panthersI'm also really high on DaeSean Hamilton (+20), who got a ton of targets last week.  Everyone is talking about Courtland Sutton since Demaryius Thomas got shipped off to Houston, but it's Hamilton who has actually looked better lately.  I think he could be a difference maker and a top-30 WR in Week 16.  I'm way down on D.J. Moore (-9) who I just don't trust without Cam.  He'll still be involved in the offense, but I just don't know what that'll mean as far as his fantasy production.  A little further down my rankings, you'll notice I don't trust Chris Conley as much as the experts do (-9).  I don't even have him as a top-50 WR this week, as I expect Mahomes to do his damage with Tyreek and Kelce.

Image result for evan engramLast week I had Chris Herndon in my top-12 (+5 vs ECR).  I didn't have a ton of reasoning behind that pick other than "Why not, right?".  He only ended up with 53 receiving yards, but that got him in the top-12!  I was down on Kyle Rudolph (-5) who still hasn't scored a touchdown since Week 3, and he finished outside of the top-25 TEs in Week 15.  I was also way down on Evan Engram though (-12), but he somehow found himself in the top-5 against the Titans.  I guess he has way more value when OBJ sits (which he did).  If Beckham is out again, fire up Engram.  If not, Engram is likely a "sit".

I'm done talking about tight ends for the year though.  Can we just move on?  Thanks...
I was highest on the Browns last week (+5) and lowest on the Titans (-5).  Cleveland still hasn't given up more than 23 points to an offense since Week 9, and they were a top-12 fantasy defense against the Broncos.  I guessed this game would end 17-13, and I was off by a field goal!  I'd fire them up again this week against the Bengals if you still have em.  As for the Titans, I just didn't think they'd be able to slow down the Giants the way they did the Jags and Jets the last couple of weeks.  The Giants had been scoring a ton of points lately, but Tennessee shut them DOWN.  This was a bad call, as the Titans were a top-5 defense and likely will be again this week.

Image result for heinicke panthersThis week I'm high on the Falcons (+10).  Did I mention they're playing the Panthers without Cam Newton?  Yeah, I think I did.  I always like starting defenses against young quarterbacks from ODU who have 5 career pass attempts.  It almost seems too easy.  I'm not down on a ton of defenses this week, but that might change come Sunday.  I'll try to get an update out on Sunday, and I hope to work on my FLEX rankings a bit between now and then. 

Good luck to everyone in Week 16!  
(Except you, Misciagna...)


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 Fantasy Football Week 15 Rankings

Related imageI know no one cares about anyone's fantasy leagues except their own, but I'm going to do a quick recap of my Week 14 league results anyway...

I went 1-1. 

OK. Recap over.  See, I told you it would be quick.  If you're still in your fantasy playoffs, great!  But don't pat yourself on the back just yet.  You still need to win a couple more to bring home a championship.

Let's get right into the Week 15 rankings, shall we?

Last week, I had both Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott in my top-12 (+4 on Dak and +5 on Russell).  Wilson has been one of the hottest fantasy QBs in the second half of the season, and I wasn't betting against him on Monday Night Football.  He didn't do much of anything against the Vikings though, and his rushing yards are the only thing that kept him from being one of the worst options in Week 14.  This was a bad call on my part.  As for Dak, he faced that terrible Eagle secondary and I said he and Amari Cooper would connect a lot in this game.  That turned out to be an understatement because Dak found Amari for three touchdowns and finished as a top-5 fantasy QB.  I was down on Matt Ryan (-5), Mitch Trubisky (-7), and Marcus Mariota (-6).  I was wrong about Ryan, who needed garbage time but still somehow ended up as a top-10 fantasy QB.  As for Mariota and the Trubiscuit, both were outside of the top-25 and were two of the worst fantasy options at the QB position last week.
Image result for derek carr
This week, I'm highest on Derek Carr (+10) who has actually been a TOP-10 fantasy QB over the last month.  He has multiple TD passes in 3 of those 4 games, and he hasn't thrown an interception since October 7th!  This week he faces a Cincinnati defense that gives up the second-most fantasy points to opposing QBs this season.  Sure.  I'd definitely be a little nervous to start him this week.  You know, because it's Derek Freakin' Carr!  But I'm still ranking him inside my top-10.  You can't stop me.

I'm way down on Lamar Jackson this week (-8) because I'm a little nervous about Flacco likely being active this week.  I could see Joe getting plugged into the game to run a 2-minute drill and maybe more if he's successful.  If Lamar even struggles a little bit, I could see them pull the plug on him at halftime.  This scenario makes me nervous.  I'm also down on Philip Rivers (-6) because he hasn't been great at Arrowhead in recent memory.  Melvin Gordon is likely back this week, which could mean less passing for Rivers.  I just don't see him as a top-5 play this week, though you're likely starting him unless you somehow have a better option in the top-10.

I had LeGarrette Blount just inside my top-25 last week (+9 vs ECR), and I was also really high on Adrian Peterson (+8).  While both had double digit carries, neither did much with them and both RBs finished outside of the top-50.  I was highest on Stevan Ridley though (+11), and he found the endzone and was a serviceable FLEX play in Week 14.

For the second week in a row, I was way down on James White (-9) and Dion Lewis (-8).  Those guys are FLEX plays at best and not RB2s for anymore.  Lewis had a handful of points but was still outside of the top-40, and James White wasn't even in the top-50 against Miami.  If you looked inside my top-25, I was low on Gus Edwards (-8).  He still had a decent game, but Kenneth Dixon is getting more and more involved in this offense.  I ranked Gus the Bus outside of my top-20, and he actually finished outside the top-30.

Image result for melvin gordon chargersI'm still high on Ridley this week (+10), but right now I'm highest on Chris Ivory (+15).  I fully expect LeSean McCoy to sit this week, and I think that means Ivory will get 15-20 touches against a leaky Lions defense.  I have him as a decent FLEX play this week (if McCoy sits), and I think he could have double digit fantasy points in that scenario.  OK, so I'm also super high on Melvin Gordon (+66) because I have him back to his usual top-5 play tomorrow night.  The ECR will catch up to my ranking if he's active like I expect.  I saw video of him warming up before the game LAST week before he was declared inactive, so I fully expect him back this week.  If he's not, obviously I'll remove him from my rankings.  But if he's playing, you're playing him.  And of course I'm playing against him in my money league this week (great timing!).  So yeah, I think he'll be a top-5 play.

I'm down on Adrian Peterson (-5), and I don't see how you could feel good about starting anyone on the Redskins offense this week in Jacksonville.   I'm also not crazy about Peyton Barber (-7).  I realize he's the "bellcow" RB for the Bucs, but if he doesn't find the endzone, you're likely looking at a stat line of around 15 carries for 50 yards.  That's what I'm predicting for this week against a tough Baltimore run defense.

Looking at the top of my rankings last week, I was highest on Amari Cooper (+6) and lowest on Tyreek Hill (-7).  Cooper easily finished as the #1 WR in Week 14, so that was a nice pick.  But Tyreek had a good game against the Ravens and finished in the top-10 against a good defense.  If you looked a little lower in my rankings, I was high on Curtis Samuel (+7), Dante Pettis (+8), Anthony Miller (+11), and Dede Westbrook (+13).  Pettis and Westbrook finished in the top-20, but Samuel finished outside of the top-30 even though he had 80 receiving yards.  As for Miller, he was barely involved in the offense against the Rams, so that was just a bad call there.  I was lowest on Allen Robinson (-9) and Corey Davis (-8), as both had tough matchups.  Neither finished as a top-50 WR, so I was right on both guys.

Image result for sad kenny golladay
I have tons of large discrepancies with the ECR near the bottom of my WR rankings.  But if I stick near the top, I still like Dante Pettis as a top-25 WR this week (+8).  He smoked this same Seattle secondary just a couple of weeks ago, so I think he makes for a decent FLEX play again.  Once you get outside of my top-25 or so, I don't feel super confident in any of these guys.  I guess I'm most down on Alshon Jeffery and Kenny Golladay (-8 on each) who I don't see as top-25 WRs this week.  Alshon will be without Carson Wentz and is facing a tough Rams secondary.  Golladay hasn't looked great as the #1 WR, especially without guys like Golden Tate and Marvin Jones drawing attention away from him.  I think the Bills could shut him down.

If you looked at my top-15 TEs last week, I was high on Trey Burton (+5) and low on Jordan Reed (-5).  Neither finished as a top-25 TE though, but at least Reed had an excuse since he left in the first quarter with a foot injury.  If you looked further down my rankings, I was highest on Blake Jarwin (+17).  I had him as a top-30 play, and he actually finished in the top-15!

Image result for chris herndonThis week, I have Chris Herndon in my top-12 (+6 vs ECR).  He's actually been pretty solid this season, and he's averaging 4 targets per game in his last 5 contests.  That doesn't seem like a lot, but for the tight end position, beggars can't be choosers.  He's an athletic guy who is facing a defense that gives up top-10 numbers to the tight end position this year.  Why not, right?  I'm down on Kyle Rudolph (-8) who hasn't scored a touchdown since Week 3.  That was also the last time he had more than 6.3 fantasy points.  Yikes.  I know the tight end position is rough this year, but I'm not ranking Rudolph in my top-12.
I've been high on the Saints defense nearly every week this season, and Week 14 was no different (+3).  They just feel like a top-12 fantasy defense every week to me, and they ended up in the top-12 against the Bucs.  I was highest on the Giants (+8) because they were facing Mark Sanchez and a bunch of backups on Washington's O-line.  New York had a defensive touchdown in a game they dominated.  If not for some garbage time points from Josh Johnson and company, the Giants likely would have been the #1 fantasy defense last week.  The #1 defense was the Bears though, and I was high on them too (+7).  Most experts were worried about them against the Rams, but I still had them as a top-12 play.  I hope they can keep it rolling this week against the Packers because I'm getting them back in my fantasy lineup.

I ended up lowest on the Seahawks (-5) who I thought might struggle to keep the Viking offense in check.  That couldn't have been further from the truth, and the Seattle D showed up in a big way on Monday night.  I was just all kinds of wrong about this game.

This week, I'm highest on the Browns (+6) and lowest on the Titans (-6).  Cleveland is still fighting for a playoff spot, and they've actually been playing fairly well the last month or so.  They haven't given up more than 23 points to an offense since Week 9, and that was against the Chiefs anyway.  Meanwhile, the Broncos haven't scored more than 24 points since Week 7, and they've only scored more than 24 twice all year.  This game feels like it'll be low scoring, maybe 17-13.  I think the Browns will put up some decent numbers on defense.  As for the Titans, I just don't think they'll be able to slow down the Giants the way they did the Jags and Jets the last couple of weeks.  The Giants have been scoring a ton of points lately and playing way better in the second half of the season.  I don't see Tennessee as a great option this week.

Image result for myles garrett

Good luck to everyone in Week 15!  
(Except you, Mike...)


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

2018 Fantasy Football Week 14 Rankings

Image result for drew brees michael thomasAs far as fantasy football goes, I'm sure glad last week wasn't this week because it was a weird one.  I was already securely in my fantasy playoffs in both of my leagues, so Week 13 wasn't a critical one for me personally.  But for a lot of fantasy managers in a lot of leagues, people were relying on points from players who just didn't produce.  In my money league, I barely scored 50 fantasy points, and it was my lowest point total in any week since 2007 (believe me, I checked the history!).  There certainly were "studs" who produced (Mahomes, Gurley, Antonio Brown, McCaffrey, Kelce, etc.), but here are some crazy FACTS from Week 13...

  • Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, and Jared Goff each had less than 10 fantasy points.
  • Josh Allen and Derek Carr were top-5 fantasy QBs.
  • With his 2 touchdowns, Chase Edmonds outscored David Johnson by more than 10 fantasy points.
  • James Develin also had 2 rushing touchdowns.  (Who?!?...Exactly.)
  • Dante Pettis was the #1 fantasy WR, and rounding out the top-5 were Jaron Brown and Zay Jones.
  • Here's a list of WRs with less than 5 fantasy points in Week 13: Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Julio Jones, Mike Evans, and JuJu Smith-Schuster.
  • Gronk, Ebron, Njoku, and Olsen combined for less than 10 fantasy points.
  • After losing 7 games in a row and looking terrible, Sacksonville D was the #1 fantasy play against what was a smoking hot Colts team.
  • The Giants and Jets were also both top-5 fantasy defenses.  Um...what?

If you survived Week 13, congratulations.  Let's hope Week 14 is a little more predictable.

To the rankings!

Last week, I was pretty high on Case Keenum (+6), but he stunk against the defense giving up the most fantasy points to opposing QBs this season.  I thought he'd be a top-15 QB against the Bengals, but he nearly finished outside of the top-20.  He still has amazing matchups left on his fantasy schedule (Niners, Browns, and Raiders), but if he can't do it against Cincy, I'm not that confident he can do it against those other teams.  I was down on Ryan Tannehill (-4), who was facing a Buffalo defense that gives up the fewest fantasy points to opposing QBs this season.  I thought he might be one of the worst fantasy QBs last week, but he somehow managed 3 touchdowns even though he had just 137 passing yards.

Image result for matt ryan lambeauThis week, I have both Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott in my top-12 (currently +4 on each).  Wilson has been one of the hottest fantasy QBs in the second half of the season, and I'm not betting against him on Monday Night Football.  As for Dak, he faces that terrible Eagle secondary and I think he and Amari Cooper will connect a lot in this game.  I'm down on Ryan Tannehill again (-4), but I'm even lower on Matt Ryan (-6). The ECR has him as a top-12 play in Green Bay, but I'm not buying it.  Ryan has just 4 TD passes in his last 3 games combined, and he tends to play worse outside of domes.  I think Green Bay, Wisconsin qualifies as "outside of domes", and right now the forecast is showing the high temperature for Sunday as below freezing.

I was reluctantly high on Jordan Howard last week (+7), and I actually had him inside my top-25 against a Giant defense that had been giving up a TON of fantasy points to running backs every week since they traded away Snacks Harrison.  Well, the Giants gave up a ton of points to a Chicago RB, but it was Tarik Cohen.  Still, Howard had a solid game and got 8 fantasy points, which was good for the #32 RB in Week 13.  I was also high on Kenyan Drake (+7) who scored a touchdown and ended up just inside the top-25 where I ranked him.  I was high on Chris Thompson though (+7), but even a negative game script couldn't help him with McCoy and then Sanchez leading the offense.  I was +30 on Darren Sproles in that same game, and I didn't see why he wouldn't get some touches and end up in the top-50.  Well, he actually found the endzone and finished in the top-30 in his first action since Week 1.

I was pretty low on Dion Lewis (-8) and James White (-9) last week.  Lewis had less than 7 fantasy points in each of the previous 3 weeks, and he kept that streak going.  White had less than 8 fantasy points in each of his previous two games, but he actually had a long catch and run just before halftime that put him into double digits.  If he doesn't have that "garbage time" play, he finishes where I ranked him.  I say "garbage time" because time expired and the Vikings essentially were playing for the Hail Mary and just made sure he didn't get into the endzone.  Either way, with Sony Michel and now Rex Burkhead back from injury, I'm not trusting James White the way I was earlier in the year.

Image result for legarrette blount lionsI have LeGarrette Blount just inside my top-25 this week (+10 vs ECR).  I don't feel great about ranking him so highly, but assuming Kerryon Johnson is still out, Blount should be a workhorse against a Cardinal defense that gives up the 2nd most points to RBs thi syear.  I'm still way down on James White this week (-10) and fairly low on Dion Lewis too (-6).  Again, those guys feel like FLEX plays and not RB2s anymore.  If you look inside my top-25, I'm pretty low on Gus Edwards (-7).  I worry about negative game script in this one, as the Ravens are playing at Arrowhead.  Edwards has exactly one catch in the 7 games he's played in, so he's really not involved in the passing game at all.  If the Ravens find themselves playing from behind, I think we could see a lot more Ty Montgomery, and Kenneth Dixon could get more involved as well.  I'm afraid the volume might not be there this week for Gus the Bus.

If you looked near the end of my top-25 last week, I was slightly high on Stefon Diggs (+7), Larry Fitzgerald (+7), and Josh Reynolds (+5).  In what was kind of a weird week, NONE of those guys finished in the top-25.  I was super high on Josh Doctson against a terrible Eagle secondary (+19 on Wednesday, just +9 on Sunday), but again...Mark Sanchez.  Doctson finished as a top-50 WR but not top-40 where I ranked him.  I was also really high on Devin Funchess (+18), who I had in my top-40.  He had just one catch, but it was in the endzone.  He finished right about where I ranked him, so that worked out pretty well.

I was down on T.Y. Hilton (-12) who I had well outside of my top-20 WRs.  He's been mostly great when healthy this year, but he didn't have a great game against the Jags in Week 10 (3 catches for 77 yards and no touchdown).  I saw a similar stat line for him the second time around, and while he had more targets/catches, he ended up with exactly 77 yards (and no touchdown).  He finished outside of the top-30 WRs in Week 13, but I have him back up as a top-12 play this week and the rest of the season.

Image result for dante pettis 49ersIf you look inside my top-30, I'm highest on Curtis Samuel (+11) and Dante Pettis (+13).  Samuel has had one bad game in his last 5, and he has at least 9.6 fantasy points in each of those other 4 games.  He's a playmaker who has a nose for the endzone, and I think he'll finish in the top-30 one way or another.  As for Pettis, he was the #1 fantasy WR last week and the #15 WR the week before that.  Remember that year Miles Austin had a couple of huge games but no one really believed in him?  This has the same feel to me for some reason.  Pettis is doing his work out of the slot, and the Broncos just lost Chris Harris to a broken leg.  I don't care if Goodwin and/or Garcon are back this week.  I think the matchup to exploit will still be with Pettis, and I could see him having double digit fantasy points again.

I'm even lower than the ECR on Alshon Jeffery (-7), who has had less than 5 fantasy points in 5 straight games.  In Week 10, he had 4 catches for 48 yards against the Cowboys.  I kinda like Wentz in this game, but I see him having TDs to his tight ends and maybe Golden Tate again (not Alshon).  I'm also really low on Corey Davis (-12), and this is purely based on his matchup.  I'm not sure if he'll get Ramsey or Bouye, but it doesn't matter.  Both are shutdown corners and remember T.Y. Freakin Hilton's numbers against the Jags in two games this year?  I don't expect Davis to be anywhere near the top-20 in tomorrow night's game.

I stayed high on Jonnu Smith in Week 13 (+4) because he'd been a top-5 TE the previous 4 weeks.  For whatever reason, it was Anthony Firkser who caught a TD for the Titans and ended up as a top-5 play.  Jonnu had a mediocre stat line and ended up outside of the top-20.  I was highest on Rhett Ellison (+9) and Blake Jarwin (+13).  I had both as top-25 plays, but only Ellison produced as such.

I was down on Austin Hooper (-8), and I pointed out that I really didn't trust anyone outside of my top-15 TEs.  This position has been a nightmare this year.  I've had Ertz in one league and Gronk/OJ Howard in another, so I've been able to navigate it fairly well.  But unless you have one of those situations or Kelce/Kittle, you're screwed!  As for Hooper, he'd had less than 5 fantasy points in four of his previous five of course he scored a garbage time touchdown and finished as a top-5 tight end.  Ugh.  I really hate the tight end position this year.

Image result for jimmy graham packersAs for this week, I guess I'm recommending you consider Jimmy Graham (+5 vs ECR) because I have him in my top-10.  Graham is playing through a thumb injury, but he turned 11 targets into 50 receiving yards last week.  Good luck finding the possibility of those targets anywhere outside of my top-10.  I'm lowest on Gerald Everett this week (-7) who had a terrible game last week in Detroit.  He had three solid games before that stinker, but before that he didn't score more than 2.5 fantasy points in any games Weeks 1-8.  I'm trusting the bad games of Weeks 1-8 (& 13), and I'll say he finishes well outside of the top-15 this week.  But it's the tight end position, so who the hell knows?!
I went back through my weekly rankings and realized I've been high on the Saints defense nearly every week since Week 4.  And for 3 straight weeks now, I've been anywhere from +5 to +7 vs the ECR on this unit.  They finished as the #2 fantasy defense in Week 12, and I said you shouldn't rank them outside of the top-12 against the Cowboys on Thursday night.  They didn't win the game, but the defense was good and finished in the top-10.  I'm currently +5 versus the ECR this week as well.  They just feel like a top-12 fantasy defense every week to me.

While I continued to be high on the Saints, I also continued to be down on the Jags (-6).  They had just played the Colts in Week 10, and the defense was one of the worst options in that week.  If anything, I thought Week 13 could be worse with Fournette out and Cody Kessler starting at quarterback (lack of offense hurting the defense).  While I was right about the Jag offense being terrible, I didn't think they'd shut out Andrew Luck and the Colts.  As I mentioned in the intro, Sacksonville finished as the top fantasy defense in Week 13, so I was way off with that call.

Image result for mark sanchezThis week, I'm highest on the Giants (+12) because they're facing Mark Sanchez and a bunch of backups on the O-line.  I know they're not a great defense, but I still think they'll be in the top-10 this week based on matchup alone.  I'm lowest on, well, my Redskins (-7).  I expect the offense to struggle, which could mean short fields for Saquon to run on.  Eli will certainly throw a pick and get sacked a couple of times, but I think the Giants could put up a lot of points in this game.  This matchup was 20-13 in Week 8, but the Giants have averaged nearly 30 points per game in their 4 games since then.

Good luck to everyone in Week 14!  
(Except you, Jimmy...)