Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 4 Rankings

It's just over two weeks until my wedding, so I don't have the time to do a ton of writing, but I'm going to keep trying to get these rankings out here each and every week.  The bye weeks have begun, so let the serious adding and dropping begin.  We'll see how right/wrong I am this week!

1.Aaron Rodgers
3.Drew Brees
4.Matt Ryan
5.Tom Brady
6.Peyton Manning
7.Matthew Stafford
8.Joe Flacco
9.Cam Newton
10.Ryan Fitzpatrick
11.Michael Vick
12.Eli Manning
13.Philip Rivers
14.Tony Romo
15.Andy Dalton
16.Josh Freeman
17.Matt Schaub
18.Carson Palmer
19.Christian Ponder
20. Kevin Kolb

Last week I was pretty wrong about Newton and Rodgers, as I'm sure many others were, but I was pretty spot on with Fitzpatrick.  He's still getting no love from the experts (16th on yahoo and 18th on espn this week), and I just picked him up off the waiver wire in my league.  We'll see if I have the stones to start him over Rivers this week because I think he'll have another big game against New England.  The Redskins and Bucs have each given up over 1000 total passing yards this season, and this week they're playing each other.  RGIII is an obvious play at this point, but I think one could argue him for the top spot this week.  I'm also adding Josh Freeman back to the list (at least for this week), as he'll probably torch the Skins' secondary.

1.Arian Foster
2.Ray Rice
3.Maurice Jones-Drew
4.Jamaal Charles
5.Marshawn Lynch
6.Darren McFadden
7.LeSean McCoy
8.Adrian Peterson
9.Benjarvis Green-Ellis
10.Ryan Mathews
11.Michael Bush
12.DeMarco Murray
13.Trent Richardson
14.Frank Gore
15.Doug Martin
16.Mikel Leshoure
17.Darren Sproles
18.Michael Turner
19.Cedric Benson
20.Stevan Ridley
21.Reggie Bush
22.Alfred Morris
23.Fred Jackson
24.Ahmad Bradshaw
25.Ryan Williams
26.Steven Jackson
27.Willis McGahee
28.Chris Johnson
29.Tashard Choice
30.Jacquizz Rodgers
31.Jonathan Stewart
32.Ben Tate
33.Shonn Greene
34.DeAngelo Williams
35.Pierre Thomas
36.Lance Ball
37.Daniel Thomas
38.Andre Brown
39.Mark Ingram
40.Peyton Hillis

Looks like I was a little too low on Andre Brown last week, but I'm going to stay down on him again this week because Bradshaw's back.  I almost made a bet this past weekend that Andre Brown wouldn't have a 100+ yard rushing game the rest of the season (and now I'm wishing I had done it).  I had Michael Bush in the top 10 last week, and he filled in just fine.  I think he'll continue to do well, even this week against an improved Dallas defense.  I mentioned Mikel Leshoure last week, and I said that "I expect Kevin Smith to get injured any day now, and Leshoure could be that late round flier who turns into fantasy gold by the middle of the season."  Smith didn't get one touch in week 3, and although he didn't have any apparent injury, I think his (fantasy) season is done at this point.  Big shoutout to Brandon in our league for both drafting Leshoure and playing him last week over Pierre Thomas.

1.AJ Green
2.Calvin Johnson
3.Julio Jones
4.Percy Harvin
5.Andre Johnson
6.Larry Fitzgerald
7.Victor Cruz
8.Brandon Marshall
9.Brandon Lloyd
10.Roddie White
11.Demaryius Thomas
12.Steve Smith
13.Dwayne Bowe
14.Steve Johnson
15.Greg Jennings
16.Torrey Smith
17.Miles Austin
18.Jordy Nelson
19.Hakeem Nicks
20.Eric Decker
21.Vincent Jackson
22.Wes Welker
23.Malcom Floyd
24.Marques Colston
25.Dez Bryant
26.Kenny Britt
27.Danny Amendola
28.DeShaun Jackson
29.Jeremy Maclin
30.Denarius Moore
31.Michael Crabtree
32.Brandon LaFell
33.Lance Moore
34.Anquan Boldin
35.Mike Williams
36.Davone Bess
37.Santonio Holmes
38.Andrew Hawkins
39.Nate Burleson
40.Leonard Hankerson

So last week, saying Cruz would probably get 20+ targets was a bit of an exaggeration. He still got 8 targets, but he didn't do much with them.  Andre Brown blew up, and Barden stepped in nicely for Nicks, so those two things also didn't help Cruz's value.  Apparently me giving him the kiss of death didn't help either (look out this week, AJ!).  Larry Fitzgerald climbs back up after an AFC Offensive Player of the Week performance, and I'm also regaining confidence in Brandon Lloyd's top-10 potential.  I'm moving Kenny Britt up a bit this week, and I see him potentially being inside the top-20 for the remainder of the season.  We'll see if he blows up this week on the field, within one of his knees, or off the field at a strip club.  Any of those things are very possible, but I'm going out on a limb and saying that Britt will be back.

1.Jimmy Graham
2.Rob Gronkowski
3.Vernon Davis
4.Tony Gonzalez
5.Martellus Bennett
6.Jermichael Finley
7.Antonio Gates
8.Kyle Rudolph
9.Dennis Pitta
10.Brent Celek
11.Brandon Pettigrew
12.Jason Witten
13.Owen Daniels
14.Jared Cook
15.Jacob Tamme
16.Fred Davis
17.Greg Olsen
18.Jermaine Gresham

Antonio Gates continues to do nothing, and I continue to keep giving him a chance.  Meanwhile, Dennis Pitta is producing on my bench.  It'll be a game-time decision tonight as to whether or not I throw Pitta into the mix instead of Gates.  The experts seem to still like Gates too, which is also frustrating.  Kyle Rudolph looks like he'll be a top-10 mainstay amongst tight ends, but we'll see about Bennett.  I'm leaving him up there for now, but I feel like once Bradshaw and Nicks are back to full strength, they might get more of the touches, and more importantly, touchdowns.


I was right about the Bears against St. Louis last week, though they were barely edged out for the top spot to the Cardinals.  Thus, Arizona tops my rankings this week (especially since they are at home again, this time against a rookie quarterback and the rest of the Dolphins).  Christian Ponder looked good against the 49ers, which just goes to show you that the safe pick doesn't always pan out.  I'm dropping San Fran down a little going on the road again.  I definitely didn't give the Seahawks enough credit with Green Bay coming into town, but they look like a defense that will be a start every week no matter what.  I like them a lot this week against St. Louis obviously, but also I think they'll stay in the top 5 most weeks throughout the remainder of the season.

The refs are back!  Let's get ready for some football!!!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 3 Rankings

These Thursday games are forcing me to get these out pretty early, so no introduction here.  Just some week three rankings with a little bit of commentary.  Enjoy.

1.Drew Brees
2.Cam Newton
4.Aaron Rodgers
5.Matt Ryan
6.Tom Brady
7.Tony Romo
8.Eli Manning
9.Joe Flacco
10.Michael Vick
11.Matthew Stafford
12.Philip Rivers
13.Big Ben
14.Ryan Fitzpatrick
15.Peyton Manning
16.Andrew Luck
17.Jay Cutler
18.Andy Dalton

RGIII is creeping up in the rankings.  As a Redskins fan, I hope it's accurate this week against Cincy.  If Stafford finally has a big game this week, I'll move him back into the top 10.  But until he does so, he's moving down.  None of the experts have Fitzpatrick very high, but he's had a couple of solid starts, and I think he'll throw for 300 yards and 2 TDs against the Brownies.

1.Arian Foster
2.Ray Rice
3.CJ Spiller
4.LeSean McCoy
5.Maurice Jones-Drew
6.Marshawn Lynch
7.Michael Bush
8.DeMarco Murray
9.Trent Richardson
10.Frank Gore
11.Reggie Bush
12.Darren McFadden
14.Doug Martin
15.Ryan Mathews
16.Stevan Ridley
17.Darren Sproles
18.Jamaal Charles
19.Adrian Peterson
20.Chris Johnson
21.Steven Jackson
22.Alfred Morris
23.Willis McGahee
24.Michael Turner
25.Andre Brown
26.Donald Brown
27.Peyton Hillis
28.Kevin Smith
29.Mark Ingram
30.Cedric Benson
31.Shonn Greene
32.Ben Tate
33.Beanie Wells
34.DeAngelo Williams
35.Mikel Leshoure
36.Isaac Redman
37.David Wilson
38.Ryan Williams
39.Jonathan Stewart
40.Jacquizz Rodgers

Michael Bush cracks the top 10 this week (probably no Forte for a little while *sigh*).  He should step into the feature back role quite nicely, just like he did in Oakland when McFadden went down.  Ryan Mathews and Andre Brown are a couple of the new names on this list.  For my sake, I hope Mathews starts and gets 15-20 touches.  I think he can do a lot with that against Atlanta (McGahee did last week).  Andre Brown looks to get the start for the G-Men with Bradshaw out.  Assuming they keep the game close, he should get a lot of work.  Mikel Leshoure is another new face here, and it'll be interesting to see how the Lions use him.  I expect Kevin Smith to get injured any day now, and Leshoure could be that late round flier who turns into fantasy gold by the middle of the season.  I guess we'll see.

1.Victor Cruz
2.Calvin Johnson
3.AJ Green
4.Brandon Marshall
5.Percy Harvin
6.Andre Johnson
7.Steve Smith
8.Julio Jones
9.Miles Austin
10.Roddie White
11.Demaryius Thomas
12.Larry Fitzgerald
13.Reggie Wayne
14.Mike Wallace
15.Vincent Jackson
16.Dwayne Bowe
17.Stevie Johnson
18.Jordy Nelson
19.Brandon Lloyd
20.Torrey Smith
21.Antonio Brown
22.Wes Welker
23.Marques Colston
24.Jeremy Maclin
25.Dez Bryant
26.Malcom Floyd
27.Danny Amendola
28.Greg Jennings
29.Eric Decker
30.Anquan Boldin
31.Pierre Garcon
32.Brandon LaFell
33.DeShaun Jackson
34.Greg Little
35.Lance Moore
36.Mike Williams
37.Darrius Heyward-Bey
38.Alshon Jeffery
39.Michael Crabtree
40.Kenny Britt
41.Justin Blackmon
42.Donnie Avery

It's tough not to rank Megatron #1, but with Hakeem Nicks out this week (*double sigh*), Cruz will probably get 20+ targets.  New York is down other key players too, so I could see them falling behind early and having to air it out.  I don't see why Cruz shouldn't be the top WR this week.  Then again, I had Brandon Marshall up there last week, so maybe it's the kiss of death.  Larry Fitzgerald is going to continue to fall until I see better fantasy potential from him this year, and the same goes for the Patriots receivers.  With the latter, I think it's only a matter of time before they both get back into the top 10.  Jennings and Garcon are back in the mix, but it's hard to tell how healthy they are, and thus how effective they will be.  Hence, they're not in the top 25 or so for me.

1.Jimmy Graham
2.Rob Gronkowski
3.Vernon Davis
4.Brandon Pettigrew
5.Brent Celek
6.Tony Gonzalez
7.Martellus Bennett
8.Jermichael Finley
9.Antonio Gates
10.Jason Witten
11.Kyle Rudolph
12.Jacob Tamme
13.Owen Daniels
14.Jared Cook
15.Dennis Pitta

I hate to keep talking about the Giants, but Martellus Bennett has had a good start to the season.  And again with Nicks out, he should see increased targets.  Even though he's a giant tease, I still have Gates in my top 10.  He better produce this week!!!


Defense is always a little tough to predict, but I like the Bears at home against St. Louis to be at the top of the list this week.  The Niners are the safe pick, and I still have them at #3, but Minnesota has looked somewhat promising thusfar and they are playing in Minneapolis.  The Seahawks don't make the list this week because they're playing Green Bay, but maybe I'm not giving them enough credit.  They probably belong instead of a team like the Browns, but we shall see...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 2 Rankings

It was fifteen minutes til the 1:00 kickoffs last Sunday, and my buddy and I were talking about starting or sitting Adrian Peterson.  I was checking yahoo, twitter, etc. to see what the experts were saying.  Of course they were saying to play it safe and stay away from AP.  But he was now starting the game!  I drafted him in the second round.  I couldn't sit him.  I couldn't imagine the regret of not playing him, and everyone was already assuming he'd get 10-15 touches.  I'll take that with Peterson...all day.  And take it I did.  I also convinced my friend to start him.  Needless to say, we were both very pleased with the results.  However, I still lost my matchup by like 40 or 50 points, so it didn't really matter for me personally.  My defense and WRs didn't show up, and the other guy had production from everywhere.  Hey, that's how it goes.

But it could have mattered for someone else.

I didn't do week one rankings because I was too busy, and I didn't even think about it until Sunday to be honest.  But I'm doing Week 2 rankings by position, and I'll try to update this every week (and maybe my top 200ish)...we'll see.  I'm getting married in a month, so blogging isn't exactly at the top of the priority list (but football is, so I'll try to put blogging at #3 or 4).  The point of my story about starting or sitting AP is this (and I've said it before):  these are my rankings.  If you want to use them, go for it.  If you want to use someone else's, fine.  Ultimately, I think you need to make up your own mind and listen to your gut.  If you have a tiny gut (or no feelings), then use these rankings on Sunday (and Thursday if you have any Packers or Bears playing).  Otherwise, gather information from everywhere possible and ultimately make your own decision.  That's what I did when it came to AP...of course my friend listened to my advice :)

I'm assuming a max 12 team league, so I'm not going to rank 32 QBs.  If you really want to know if you should start or sit Ryan Fitzpatrick or Mark Sanchez, check a real website.  I'm not ranking everyone here.  I'll give you what I think is enough to know who I think you should start or sit, and if it's not then let me know.  I'm also not ranking kickers.  If you want kicker rankings, you should quit fantasy football forever.

1.Tom Brady
2.Cam Newton
3.Aaron Rodgers
4.Drew Brees
5.Matt Ryan
6.Matthew Stafford
8.Eli Manning
9.Peyton Manning
10.Jay Cutler
11.Michael Vick
12.Tony Romo
13.Philip Rivers
14.Joe Flacco
15.Carson Palmer
16.Josh Freeman
17.Andrew Luck
18.Big Ben

I'm not ranking any more quarterbacks than that.  Sorry, folks.  Just a comment here.  I can't believe how gutless the experts are with ranking Rodgers as #1.  I realize he's the best QB in the league, but the Bears defense is solid, and in a shortened-week rivalry game, I don't think we're looking at a game in the 30s or 40s for each team.  Maybe I'm wrong but I'd take the under in that game.  I think Aaron will still get a lot of points, but I like Brady to destroy the Cardinals in New England's home opener, and I think Cam Newton will pick apart the Saints D the way RGIII did last week (maybe even more so!).

1.Arian Foster
2.Ray Rice
3.Darren McFadden
4.Adrian Peterson
5.Matt Forte
6.LeSean McCoy
7.Maurice Jones-Drew
8.Jamaal Charles
9.CJ Spiller
11.Chris Johnson
12.DeMarco Murray
13.Steven Jackson
14.Stevan Ridley
15.Doug Martin
16.Marshawn Lynch
17.Frank Gore
18.Ahmad Bradshaw
19.Darren Sproles
20.Ryan Mathews (if he plays)
21.Alfred Morris
22.Trent Richardson
23.Donald Brown
24.Willis McGahee
25.Reggie Bush
26.Michael Turner
27.Kevin Smith
28.Shonn Greene
29.Michael Bush
30.Cedric Benson
31.Peyton Hillis
32.Jonathan Dwyer
33.Beanie Wells
34.Ben Tate
35.Ryan Williams
36.Mark Ingram
37.Ronnie Brown (or Curtis Brinkley...if RM doesn't play: I'll be playing neither)
38.DeAngelo Williams
39.Jonathan Stewart
40.Jacquizz Rodgers

I just want to go on record here as saying that Green-Ellis is going to finish the season as a top-10 running back.  I couldn't believe the expert draft pre-rankings with as low as Benjarvis was on all of them.  I realize I had him pretty high, but I also realize how the Bengals use a running back.  I also realize that if you extrapolate his numbers from New England to a full season in Cincy, you get crazy good fantasy numbers.  He looked really good against a tough Ravens defense, and he didn't even get all that many carries in the second half.  I think at home against Cleveland he's going to have 100+ yards and maybe 2 TDs.  I wanted to rank him 6th or 7th, but it's tough this early in the season.  Don't sleep on this guy...

1.Calvin Johnson
2.Brandon Marshall
3.Larry Fitzgerald
4.Julio Jones
5.Andre Johnson
6.Roddie White
7.Brandon Lloyd
8.AJ Green
9.Victor Cruz
10.Wes Welker
11.Percy Harvin
12.Steve Smith
13.Demaryius Thomas
14.Dez Bryant
15.Torrey Smith
16.Marques Colston
17.Antonio Brown
18.Jordy Nelson
19.Reggie Wayne
20.Jeremy Maclin
21.Miles Austin
22.Hakeem Nicks
23.Pierre Garcon
24.Vincent Jackson
25.Eric Decker
26.Dwayne Bowe
27.Stevie Johnson
28.Mike Wallace
29.Anquan Boldin
30.Lance Moore
31.Malcom Floyd
32.Randall Cobb
33.DeShaun Jackson
34.Darrius Heyward-Bey
35.Titus Young
36.Mike Williams
37.Sidney Rice
38.Alshon Jeffery
39.Brandon LaFell
40.Michael Crabtree
41.Robert Meachem
42.Justin Blackmon
43.Greg Little
44.Danny Amendola
45.Greg Jennings (I'm assuming he's not playing, but keep an eye on him if he does...)

Wow.  One week and people are off the Patriots bandwagon it seems.  I'm all in.  I have Tom Brady as my #1 QB this week, and I'm staying high on Brandon Lloyd and Wes Welker.  Bring it on. 

1.Jimmy Graham
2.Rob Gronkowski
3.Aaron Hernandez
4.Antonio Gates
5.Vernon Davis
6.Jermichael Finley
7.Jacob Tamme
8.Brandon Pettigrew
9.Jared Cook
10.Fred Davis
11.Tony Gonzalez
12.Coby Fleener
13.Jason Witten
14.Greg Olsen
15.Kyle Rudolph

How many more tight ends do you need ranked?  That's enough.  I hope Gates is a top 5 play this week, but we'll see how serious the rib injury is this week.  Tamme is the biggest riser for me.  I think with a healthy Peyton, he's a top 10 start every week.


I'll end on that note.  Hail to the Redskins!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Real Football Predictions

Before the Cowboys/Giants opening kickoff this evening, I thought I'd get my official predictions for the real football season on here.  I actually took a few minutes to look at the entire NFL schedule (yes, every single game), and I did a very quick and dirty prediction for all of them.  It's always tough to tell who is going to improve and who will fall off from year to year, so it's a pretty silly exercise.  But it was also kind of fun.

I was left with was the following:
14-2 11-5 7-9 4-12
13-3 11-5 6-10 1-15
11-5 5-11 5-11 3-13
10-6 9-7 8-8 7-9
11-5 10-6 8-8 6-10
14-2 12-4 11-5 4-12
11-5 7-9 7-9 6-10
10-6 7-9 4-12 3-13

Do I think the Redskins will add a win onto last year's record?  With the addition of RGIII and Pierre Garcon, sure.  I think that's worth a W.  Can the Buffalo Bills be that improved of a team?  Fred Jackson went down mid-season last year, Fitzpatrick was playing with a rib injury virtually all season, and in the offseason they improved their already impressive defensive line with Mario Williams.  So yeah, I think this is the year the Bills stay healthy and make it into the playoff picture.  And maybe I'm being a little hard on the AFC South (aside from the Texans), but we'll see.  I'm also being pretty hard on the Browns.  It looks like I'm saying they'll have the first pick in the 2013 draft though, so that's something.  Goodbye Brandon Weeden...Hello Matt Barkley!  (What?  Brandon Weeden's old!)

Needless to say, I'm sure I missed a game or two in there somewhere, but whatever.  If I were to make any kind of changes to them, I'd consider taking KC over SD for the AFC West and Philly over Detroit for the final NFC Wild Card spot.  But I'm just going with it, so here are my predictions:

AFC East: New England
AFC North: Baltimore
AFC South: Houston
AFC West: San Diego
AFC Wild Card1: Buffalo Bills
AFC Wild Card2: Pittsburgh Steelers

NFC East: New York Giants
NFC North: Green Bay Packers
NFC South: Atlanta Falcons
NFC West: San Francisco 49ers
NFC Wild Card1: Chicago Bears
NFC Wild Card2: Detroit Lions

Super Bowl Prediction: New England over Chicago

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Fantasy Football Rankings v2.3

I listened to a good amount of sports radio last week, but it wasn't in RVA.  I was in Cleveland for work, and it was interesting to hear the local guys' takes on their sports teams, most notably, the Brownies.  It made me realize the similarities between them and the Redskins (stuck in 4 to 6-win seasons, putting a lot of faith into rookies, those star rookies appearing in local Subway ads, and the list goes on and on).  Thinking about how the Skins compare to the Browns got me a little down, but then I cheered up because of the way Cleveland (and Richmond/DC) guys talk about their teams at this point in the year.  Hope springs eternal with everyone at 0-0.  A playoff run is not out of the question (at least until we realize just how good, or not so good, everyone is around week 5 or 6).

That being said for real football, with my personal draft this past Saturday, I'm now ready with my squad for the fantasy season.  My house still smells a little like beer and farts, but the floor is no longer littered with bottles, cans, and fantasy football magazines.  That's all cleaned up.  What remains are a lot of promising teams on white pieces of paper taped to my living room wall (those are probably coming down today though...sorry, guys).  That hope is going to turn into wins for some teams and tears for others, but for the most part everyone is optimistic...for now.

I wanted to get an update out before my draft, but I also wanted to wait until the 53-man rosters were finalized at 9:00pm EST last Friday, just in case there were to be anymore last minute movers and shakers.  Needless to say, there were some Friday night pre-draft festivities, so that update didn't happen.  I tried to take a hard look at the bottom of my rankings, moving guys out of the top-168 if I really wasn't planning on drafting them.  That doesn't mean that they won't be a week one or two waiver wire pickup, but it does mean they were off my radar on my draft day.  There's just not room for everyone on this list.  Sorry, Pierre Thomas.  The fact is though, there weren't many changes to make (at least not yet).

This version is going to be a little more personal for my draft though, as I'm going to put keepers in parentheses, and I'll also highlight my draft results in blue.  I have five guys in my personal top 35 (first three rounds in a 12-team league), so I'm pretty pleased with that.  Apparently I also stuck pretty true to my rankings, which I'm happy about as well.  I didn't draft a kicker because I wanted to see how some week one running back situations play out before I decide on who to drop.  Again, it doesn't matter.  It's a KICKER!

Happy drafting to anyone who's doing it last-minute, and let's get ready for some football Wednesday night!

1. (Arian Foster)
2. Ray Rice
3. LeSean McCoy
4. Aaron Rodgers
5. Tom Brady
6. Drew Brees
7. Calvin Johnson
8. Chris Johnson
9. Maurice Jones-Drew: With the holdout over, he goes up to here.  Wish I'd known sooner...
10.(Darren McFadden)
11.(Jimmy Graham)
12.(Rob Gronkowski)
13.Matt Forte: Still got Forte with the 9th pick, which is about where I had him.
14.Steven Jackson
15.Jamaal Charles
16.Larry Fitzgerald
17.Brandon Marshall
18.Greg Jennings
20.(Ahmad Bradshaw)
21.(DeMarco Murray)
22.(Matthew Stafford)
23.(Cam Newton)
24.Adrian Peterson: My second round pick, not too confident in the knee, but we'll see.
25.(Ryan Mathews): My "top" keeper is still on the shelf, but practicing a little this week already.
26.Roddie White
27.Julio Jones
28.Andre Johnson
29.(Wes Welker)
30.(Brandon Lloyd)
31.Percy Harvin
32.(AJ Green)
33.(Hakeem Nicks): My other keeper, also not 100% healthy, but he's close.
34.Trent Richardson
35.Antonio Gates: I was the first to draft a tight end (with Gronk and Graham keepers).
36.(Victor Cruz)
37.(Marshawn Lynch): Not that it matters for my draft, but suspension should be minimal (if any).
38.Michael Turner
39.Frank Gore
40.Reggie Bush
41.Doug Martin
42.(Dez Bryant)
43.(Marques Colston)
44.Michael Vick
45.Darren Sproles
46.(Fred Jackson)
47.Willis McGahee
48.Demaryius Thomas
49.(Antonio Brown)
50.Mike Wallace
51.(Steve Smith)
52.Jordy Nelson
53.Dwayne Bowe: My fourth round pick, I felt like it was time to jump on a WR.
54.Jeremy Maclin
55.Aaron Hernandez
56.Philip Rivers: QBs were going fast.  I don't like having 3 Chargers, but oh well.
57.Donald Brown
58.Stevan Ridley
59.Beanie Wells
60.Torrey Smith
61.(Eric Decker)
62.Vincent Jackson
63.Stevie Johnson
64.Miles Austin
65.Vernon Davis
66.Jermichael Finley
67.Peyton Hillis
68.Shonn Greene
69.Eli Manning
70.Tony Romo
71.Peyton Manning
72.DeShaun Jackson
73.Pierre Garcon
74.Mark Ingram: I like where he fell, and I love his keeper potential.
75.Cedric Benson: Has the potential to get a lot of carries in Green Bay.
76.Isaac Redman: Just not that confident in his value as a #1 running back.
77.CJ Spiller
78.Reggie Wayne
79.Darrius Heyward-Bey
80.Jared Cook: Actually got him at end of the draft (not where I have him ranked here).
81.Fred Davis
82.Jason Witten
83.Michael Bush
84.Ben Tate
85.Ryan Williams
86.Toby Gerhart: Thought it'd be smart to get AP's handcuff with his week one in question.
87.David Wilson
88.Kevin Smith
90.(Matt Ryan)
91.(Anquan Boldin)
92.Lance Moore: I'm big on Moore this year with Meachem gone. Could be a good flex.
93.Robert Meachem
94.Greg Little
95.Mike Williams
96.Denarius Moore
97.Josh Freeman
98.Mikel Leshoure
99.Ronnie Brown: I decided to handcuff Mathews too.  Tried to cover all my bases.
100.Lagarette Blount
101.DeAngelo Williams
102.Jacquizz Rodgers: Moved up based on preseason hype and keeper potential.
103.Brandon Pettigrew
104.Jacob Tamme
105.Coby Fleener
106.Malcom Floyd
107.Titus Young
108.Kenny Britt: Only one game suspension.  Too much talent not to take a chance.
109.Jon Baldwin
110.Sidney Rice
111.Randall Cobb
112.Montario Hardesty: Took with last pick over a kicker (might start week one).
113.Daniel Thomas
114.Robert Turbin
115.Ronnie Hillman
116.Jonathan Stewart
117.Jay Cutler
118.Andrew Luck
119.Big Ben
120.Carson Palmer

121.Greg Olsen
122.Jermaine Gresham
123.Tony Gonzalez
124.Justin Blackmon
125.Brandon LaFell
126.Nate Washington
127.Michael Crabtree
128.Danny Amendola: A solid pick this late.  Might be #1 WR in STL.
129.Rashad Jennings: Had to move down a lot with MJD back.
130.Shane Vereen
131.Alex Green
132.Evan Royster
133.Roy Helu
134.Mike Goodson
135.Felix Jones
136.Isaiah Pead
137.Kendall Hunter
138.Michael Floyd
139.Kendall Wright
140.Rashard Mendenhall
141.Bernard Scott
142.Dion Lewis
143.Bernard Pierce
144.Javon Ringer
145.Bears DEF
146.Jets DEF
147.Eagles DEF
148.49ers DEF
149.Steelers DEF
150.Ravens DEF
151.Bills DEF: I wanted either them or Seattle, and the Seahawks were gone.
152.Seahawks DEF
153.Patriots DEF
154.Packers DEF
155.Texans DEF
156.Lions DEF
157.Gostkowski (bye:9)
158.Akers (bye:9)
159.Prater (bye:7)
160.Bailey (bye:5)
161.Janikowski (bye:5)
162.Henery (bye:7)
163.Bryant (bye:7)
164.Crosby (bye:10)
165.Gould (bye:6)
166.Rackers (bye:10)
167.Bironas (bye:11)
168.Hanson (bye:5)

Below are a few guys who I think might sneak into my rankings in the weeks to come:

David Nelson 
Jerome Simpson  
Doug Baldwin
Brian Quick
Davone Bess
Devery Henderson
Alshon Jeffery
Delone Carter
Vick Ballard
Curtis Brinkley
Philip Tanner
Pierre Thomas
James Starks
Alfred Morris
Tim Hightower
Ryan Grant (free agent)