Wednesday, October 27, 2021

2021 Fantasy Football Week 8 Rankings

For most leagues, you're about halfway to the fantasy playoffs (unless your team is which case you're trending toward the opposite of that).  This midway point of the fantasy season can be a great time to make a trade, as you never know how someone may value guys like Miles Sanders or Allen Robinson.  Personally I think you'd be justified in sending either guy to the waiver wire, but you might as well throw a trade offer out there before you do, right?  

If you've been starting Lamar Jackson (who is on a bye this week) and your waiver wire happens to be thin at the QB position, offer Allen Robinson for Matt Ryan.  Yes, it's gross.  But would you rather start someone like Mac Jones this week?  I wouldn't. 

My point is it's time to try to forget that you spent a second round pick on a guy.  You can move on if you want.  Now is the time.  If not now, when?!?  Week 9?...Week 10?  In the case of Allen Robinson, he's on a bye in Week 10.  Just trade or drop him now.  Pull the band aid and thank me later.

If you have specific add/drop/trade questions, hit me up on Twitter.  Let's do the rankings!

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