Wednesday, October 20, 2021

2021 Fantasy Football Week 7 Rankings

Unless you have a roster with both Alvin Kamara and Calvin Ridley on it, the byes in Week 6 probably didn't hit your fantasy team too hard.  But Week 7 is a rough one, and for most it'll be the worst bye week of the season.  It's kind of like Black Friday.  It's earlier and earlier each year.  Oh, and it's terrible.

In case you're just realizing it, here are the teams not playing this week: Bills, Cowboys, Chargers, Vikings, Steelers, Jags.  Yeah, that's a lot of good fantasy players on those teams.  Yes, even the Jags!  Don't disrespect James Robinson like that.

Hopefully you planned ahead and grabbed a backup QB or WR or whatever you need on your waiver wire.  If not, I hope you have depth or can use these rankings to find a guy now!

As always, hit me up with any questions on Twitter, and good luck to everyone in Week 7!

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