Wednesday, October 13, 2021

2021 Fantasy Football Week 6 Rankings

This is always a crazy time for me.  In a three week period at the end of September through mid October I have my wife's birthday, my daughter's birthday, and my wedding anniversary.  And this year (next weekend) I'll be going out of town for a twice-delayed-due-to-Covid annual guy's trip.  

But the rankings don't stop...

Even with a busy week with work and life, I still managed to be the #13 ranker in Week 5.  This week's Sunday updates are going to be a challenge because I have all kinds of family coming around 2pm for my daughter's birthday party.  I just hope I can have a focused hour around noon to get all of my final updates done because I feel like those last minute tweaks are helping me with this accuracy competition.

So if you have questions before Sunday, it would be much preferred to get those to me ahead of time the next couple of days on Twitter.  I have been doing my best to answer any and all last-minute questions you all have, but just know it's a bit frantic right before 1:00 kickoffs on Sunday while I'm trying to make my rankings updates and oh by the way make sure my own fantasy lineups are set.

Thanks for reading, and let's do the rankings!

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