Wednesday, November 3, 2021

2021 Fantasy Football Week 9 Rankings

Today was a wild ride with the NFL news. We had Aaron Rodgers testing positive for COVID-19, followed by several others including Saquon and A.J. Green.  Then there was the OBJ saga, which honestly you shouldn't care much about unless you're a Browns fan.  It's a low pass volume offense, and to be honest he hasn't been relevant since before we even knew what COVID-19 even was.  

It was pretty cool for me when I checked Twitter this afternoon and saw I was the #3 ranker for Week 8 and I'm now in the top-10 for the season!  That usually comes with a few new followers on Twitter, so welcome to you all.  I usually try to keep things pretty short here and adjust my rankings constantly throughout the week leading up to 1:00pm on Sundays. 

If you have any questions or just want to bounce something off me, let's keep the conversation going over on Twitter.  Let's get right to the rankings!

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